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What was a typical day as a pt aide like? Also, how was the pay and what were the hours like?

There is no such thing as a typical day as a PT aide really. Of course there’s the menial paper work and exercises and what not but the patients that come in are just from a different world. Some are weird, some are rude, some are extremely friendly, and some are just angry at the world. The pay averages around 9 to 10 dollars. The hours really depend on where you work but i’ve done both full time and part time where it was either a full 8 hour day or divided up into 4 hours a day.


There are times when I sit at the park and just watch people carry out their lives as if there couldn’t be a worry in the world. Of course I’m one of those people from time to time as well. It’s interesting seeing people enjoy the great weather, playing with their kids, or just simply reading without the possible thought of danger. I question as to whether people think of things such as “will someone snatch my child away while he/she plays” or “is it possible that my just being here could infuriate someone to the point where they would mindlessly kill me.” Of course not, unless you’re out of your mind, paranoid or live in a neighborhood where thats very much prevelant. Reading articles like this infuriate me. Aren’t we supposed to be moving forward in this world and making progress?

Hopefully at this point you’ve read the article and have your own opinion about it. To be honest, i didnt even know that there was a Rifle Organization. Who was the retard that came up with the Stand Your Ground law and who were the retards that decided “yes this is definitely worth having passed as a law.”The stupidity of people and their need to escape any kind of blame makes me sick. I am very much included in this as well. I make myself sick when i catch myself trying to shift blame onto something or someone even though the blame is obviously on me whether it’s petty or grand. The law sounds like something where we could very easily say that we’ll shoot first and then easily slip out of blame later. When did human life become so easy to pass such judgement on. Even in this case, there is not one report of the teen having a concealed/visible weapon so in what aspect of the whole flow of events was a gun even required? One could easily argue that we don’t know the whole story or that we wouldn’t know until the situation personally approached us but at the same time, in a dense neighborhood in which neighborhood watch is enacted should not need even more than a scream or shouth to alert others in the area that one is in trouble. A phone call to the cops would’ve sufficed. Suspicious person under the situation where there had been several break-ins; that’s completely fine! BUT WTF! These idiots when empowered with the idea that they can shoot first and ask questions later feel that they can take law into their own hands.

Personally, i’m no lover of cops in any way at all but at the same time, this kind of stuff is their area of so-called “expertise.” It’s one thing to stop a suspicious person, question them, figure its not them, and let them go. But to think that you’re doing a service to someone by shooting a 17 year old child and blaming your rash decision making skills and stupidity on the case that it was self-defense is absolutely outrageous. Who told you to step out of the car? The idea of even allowing civilians carry guns is ridiculous as well. To allow people to carry guns in their car or to hide it in the house…haven’t we learned enough? seen enough? to know that people are stupid when they have guns in their hands. The article references another case in question where a man was shot in what would be a minor confrontation. In any other case, i’d say that the incident could’ve been suppressed or resolved by use of words or some other option. To have felt threathened to the point of having to wield a gun, i think that’s a pile of crap. Rather than looking for words or a different resolution, people are very much willing to believe that a sense of fear is the easiest way to resolve a confrontation. People yell and threathen one other with actions that they cannot back up in the hopes that one will back off out of fear. When one party holds a gun, the situation is completely different. One holds immense power in his hands while the other is filled with enough to fear to either run or to act desperately. At that point the situation becomes one of completely different heights. A sudden move could instinctively cause a twitch in the finger which is all that is needed for a gun to be fired.

The whole idea of one’s right to firearms is too ambiguous. One’s right to call upon self-defense as a defensive statement is bound to be abused at this point. Aren’t these incidents enough to make the statement that the whole law has been passed without enough thought? We as people are still too far from attaining that idealistic “world peace” that we claim to want so badly. World peace? What a joke. We can’t even be at peace among those that are close to us and with a law that encourages action over retreat is no where near what i would call progress. Wouldn’t something like this also encourage revenge? Saying that going into a situation seeking revenge resulted in one having to act in self-defense is very much possible when the law is willing to look the other way as long as theres enough reason to say that it “couldve” been self-defense.

Well I could probably go on forever about such things. But i felt i needed to put it up somewhere just so that my thoughts take some physical form rather than just being stuck up in my head.

this idiot…

so another amusing story about my idiot office manager.

So we have a universal gym machine thing in our office that hardly sees any action. So for bout 2 months now i’ve been asking if we can just get rid of it and add in two more treatment tables since there’s no logic in trying to fit in 6 patients within the hour with 4 treatment tables… yeah short sighted? i know…this is the kind of stupidity i deal with every single day. 

So a little background, when i started working here there was only one therapist and he was seeing at most 3 patients an hour; doable but hectic but what can you do. My office manager decides that Karl, the working PT, needs more help dealing with patients and that they need to open up some night hours for working people. So she hires this other therapist for mondays, wednesdays and thursdays. The stupidity in that is Karl already works nights on mondays and thursdays, so the only day we’ve really opened up is wednesday. But now mondays and thursday nites have 6 patients within the hour to be treated by two therapist; the problem is our office manager is a retard and hired the therapist before even thinking about spacing problems. 

So after a while she agrees that we need more tables and comes and talks to me as if it were some grand idea that she had just come up with even though it was something that i had already brought up to her way before… i guess the ideas of the “small” people don’t really matter here. It took about 2 months to get this stupid idea moving. The funny thing is, i ended up working with another idiot in the process. This is the idiot who originally sold us the machine and who we have to go through, for some stupid reason, to get it out of here. So this idiot and my office manager, both idiots, are trying to figure out a date or time to move this thing… and that took bout 2 months. Within those two months, nothing got done… and it takes me asking what the hell is going on in order to find out that my office manager thinks the other idiot is rippin her off and won’t answer his phone calls. The other idiot is complaining to me about how he can’t get anything moving or done if she wont pick up his calls…. two months…TWO MONTHS! are you freakin kidding me?? of course whenever i asked bout it during those two months : “its in process.” 

So i took over part of the project and now there are guys in my office taking the machine apart. The second idiot’s name is rich, btw, and my office manager is kathy; just makes telling this story easier. Rich calls me this morning at bout 9 AM to tell me his guys are comin in to disassemble the universal and they’re gonna get it out of there. His guys come in within the hour and begin the process and of course our resident idiot kathy comes in asking what are these guys doing here? they can’t be moving that while we have patients in the waiting room. 

Great. So i call rich and he says he spoke it over with the Head boss here who is the doctor who owns the practice, and apparently he was told monday morning would be the best time…Rich and kathy can’t contact one another cuz one won’t pick up the other’s call…great communication…manage the freakin office if its you’re god damn title…why am i taking care of this crap?? if being that stupid is allowed for an office manager… omg 

so now im sitting in my office with guys takign apart the machine. of course rich, who was supposed to be here an hour and a half ago is still not here… why do i work with so many freakin idiots in this office?

blister… forever jammed pinky…. back pain.. knee pain… i think im getting old too fast haha

don’t put me with an automated message system for 10 minutes and then tell me that i’ve called outside of normal business times. Insurance companies…complete retards…go choke on something

ruined my lunch…. kind of

So our office gets lunch provided by pharmaceutical companies who come to advertise their drugs and whatnot. Today they brought some food (penne vodka + lemon chicken+ salad). So i go in there to grab some food and the only person in the break room is the rep. I grab some food and ask if i can join him in the room for lunch. I’m sitting there eating and this guy asks me “is there a bathroom here in this office?” So i point to the bathroom in the break room and he thanks me and goes in. I continue eating. 

Out of nowhere i hear him drop a deuce and its freakin loud. I stop eating and im like ahhh crap… i get up with my food to leave as he continues to defile the bathroom in there. i had to bring my food into my office to eat..dang 

epiphany - a word i haven’t heard in a long time.

So for today’s bible study, we (me and monica) asked our students as to what it meant to see God in people. One of our students mentioned that it is like an epiphany, it’s not something we notice dead on but its more of a sudden realization after. Now that i think about it, the question itself is a hard one. We always say that we can see God in His marvelous creations, His people, and in our lives (hopefully). I questioned as to why epiphany was the word she had to use to describe how we see God in people; now i kind of understand. I’ll explain a little later.

So we had this teacher’s training at our church a week ago. I didn’t want to go; it was on a freakin saturday, in the morning… I felt like death. The first seminar/message/sermon whatever you wanna call it was a much needed reminder. She spoke of how to take care of ourselves while serving. Many of us who serve at church come across a problem or a road block. We realize that we’re exhausted after doing church work and come to church looking to get a refill. We fill up on Sunday and go out to do whatever our life leads us to do. By midweek, we’re either running with the gas light on or running on empty and just fervently looking for that sunday to hopefully fill us up again. Up until now, i’ve figured that that’s how service is; people come to church to be filled again so that the coming week can be bearable. We don’t feel so guilty when we forget to read the word or pray since we’ve gone to church on sunday and feel that that’s enough. Our speaker mentioned that we need to have the desire, discipline and dedication to keep ourselves full or atleast be refilling ourselves in order to come to church on sunday and have that love for God and love from God is just overflowing from our cups; thereby overflowing onto those that we serve. I think she said it perfectly when she said, ” Church is not a gas station. We don’t just stop in whenever we feel like we’re running on empty.”

So going back to the word epiphany. I’ve realized that so many of us are desperately trying to live our lives and to juggle God in there somehow. It’s making it so that people see God in our lives in spurts. Just as epiphanies are sudden realizations that occur “suddenly” and randomly, that’s what’s become of our faiths; mere sudden and random acts that show people God here and there and not all the time.

I am very much guilty when it comes to this as well. I always feel like i’m living a different life during the weekends and look to be refreshed and refueled when i’m at church. Whether is work, school or friends, we find ourselves completely taken over by the fact that we have no time for God. Reading the word can take 5 minutes. Praying can take 2 minutes. Of course I’m not encouraging only short periods of time with God but the point here is that within our busy days, we have trouble allotting 7 minutes to spend with God when we willingly spend hours upon hours looking at youtube, facebook, and all that stuff. It’s an area that I desperately need to work on and i’m sure it may be a struggle for many of us if not the majority. I realize that I am a broken individual and that i need to let it out somewhere in order to make my struggle a public one. I need to be able to read and remind myself that in my imperfection and my struggle, He can be glorified.  Let’s make God not just an epiphany for those who look upon us, but a everlasting light that represents His never-ending love for us.


Which personal characteristics and motivating factors have led you to pursue the profession of physical therapy?

So this is the question for my general admissions essay for physical therapy school. At first, i found myself at a loss for words. What exactly did intrigue me about this field that made me want to pursue it? After much thought, I started to worry…what if i’m going into the wrong field? Have i been preparing for this for the past year for the wrong thing? Am I going to have to waste more time before starting my life? This is where i’m truly grateful for the friends i have. Even casual conversation has the ability to trigger ideas, thoughts and a myriad of other things even if it is irrelevant. I found myself complaining about my current job working as a physical therapy aide. But having to remember some of the patients that i work with, I remembered what had made this field so promising. In our office, there are three kinds of old people:those who come in for post-op therapy, those two have ailments that can’t be helped but the doctors will send them for therapy anyway, and those who come in for the social environment or companionship that they find. Initially when i had started to look into physical therapy, the most enticing factor was that the goal wasn’t simply to treat pain or ailments, but to treat, prevent and continuing good health.

When i think back to my grandparents and their huge list of sicknesses, pains and aches, I realize that the point at which they were in most pain was when they stopped exercising and decided the pain is too severe and will only be treated by medication or surgery. Yes of course we trust in our health care system enough to say that medication and surgery are definitely helpful but when it comes to old age, the two procedures can prove to be dangerous; its even dangerous for young people at times as well. Well getting back to my grandparents; while i was still in pharmacy i would search through their pill cases to see what they were taking even though at that point i wouldn’t have known the pills anyway. My grandparents would take about 10 to 15 pills a day, many of which i’m sure they didn’t need but they were firm in their beliefs that these pills helped. Don’t get me wrong when i say that they don’t help. Medication is definitely necessary, BUT the big difference is whether you become dependent on the medication or the medication becomes a mere stepping stone to recovery which is followed up with preventive measures and continuing good health measures.

Despite all the pills, they were still in pain and sometimes the only thing that helped was a glass or two of whiskey to numb it down. After getting into pharmacy school, i thought “maybe i can help my grandparents with medication.” My goal changed drastically as i saw how my grandparents were dealing with their conditions. People are looking for a quick fix, an instant relief to the pain that’s making life miserable; i believe that this field that i want to get into has a lot of promise. Showing people how to deal with pain without too much medication, improving their way of life without being drugged up all the time, and looking to prevent further discomfort is my goal; that’s why i wanna do what i wanna do.

me: hey kathy (our office manager), the server is down, we need it reset.
kathy: yeah i know. i’ve been hearing about it since yesterday. apparently everyone here is crippled.

this takes place in the office with patients in the back being treated and whatnot. who the heck says that in a physical therapy office with patients present??

i just can’t get over how dumb our office manager is. maybe i’ll jus start blogging bout the stupid crap she does.

office manager texted all of us in the morning saying that office had power so why not have it open. Everyone is here to work today, but guess who isn’t? …. office manager.. that idiot